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As the years go by

Five years. And it all still seems like yesterday. My mistakes all seem so fresh, so undo-able. like i could still fix this somehow. i of course, know better. i even find myself reading craigslist's missed connections, making links that don't exist just to imagine that you might be reaching out to me. i'm not so deluded that i think it's possible though.

i've seen others since then, felt things, hoped, but never to the same level. no matter how much i pretend, how much i try to force it, none of it is as real.

recently, i've been finding myself enjoying what i've always derisively called "radio-music". here's a mini-playlist i would have played back then if time were as malleable as i'd like.

1. Frank Turner-Recovery


3. Imagine Dragons-Demons

4. Frank Turner-The Way I Tend To Be